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Clay Club

A Ceramic arts club that provides art students with opportunities and support to develop their work, create exposure, and to give back to the community.

College Republicans at Northwest Missouri State University

To make known and promote the principles of the Republican Party among the students of Northwest Missouri State University and the community.

Comedy Inc.

Want to make people laugh? Then come over to the Studio Lobby of the Ron Houston Performing Arts Center every Wednesday at 5:00, where we will perform improv games, comedy sketches, stand-up, and whatever else we can get a laugh out of!

Comic Book Club

A group devoted to the trade, discussion, and enjoyment of comic book and graphic novels and the friendships, movies, culture, and ideas that come from it.

Council for Exceptional Children (CEC)

We are a community of individuals committed to improving the education and quality of life for individuals with disabilities by spreading awareness throughout the Northwest community.

Cricket Sports Club (CSC)

Cricket Sports Club is student's organization to promote good sportsmanship, skills development and athletic competition.

Criminal Justice Club (CJ Club)

The Criminal Justice Club exists as a means by which students and faculty interested in the area of Criminal Justice may meet to discuss and further their goals and objectives in the field.

CRU (Campus Crusade for Christ) (CRU)

"A caring community passionate about leading people to Jesus Christ." A campus ministry that meets on Thursday nights at 8pm in the Union. There is a worship band and a speaker.

Cyber Defense Club (CDC)

Cyber Defense Club is a computer science organization focused on giving students a hands-on learning experience and preparing them for cyber defense competitions. We meet every Thursday at 6:00PM to 7:00PM in Colden Hall 1300.

Data Science Club (DSC)

The club is for students who are interested in the new, emerging field of data science. We introduce the concept of big data and big data thinking in decision-making to prepare next-generation leaders.