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Accounting Society

An organization where Accounting and Finance majors alike can improve their networking skills for making connections in the future.


Northwest Advertising Club

Agronomy Club

A club organized to travel to agronomy based companies that allow tours. We also bring in speakers from the agronomy field. We also do a fundraiser every year that consists of making plant and seed mounts for FFA Chapters in Missouri.

Alliance of Black Collegians (A.B.C.)

Our mission is to help lead and serve the black collegian community by helping them take life and cultural experiences and integrating them within the college community. Also, to assist them in attempting to diversify themselves within the college.

Alpha Mu Gamma Modern Languages Honors Club (Alpha Mu Gamma)

Alpha Mu Gamma has as its primary purpose the honoring of students for outstanding achievement in foreign language study in college. "Our organization can only be limited by a lack of cultural awareness, creativity, spontaneity and effort."

Alpha Phi Omega (APO)

We are an inclusive group, open to all nationalities, backgrounds and genders, and we welcome campus students to become part of our amazing organization so that together we can pursue a common goal - leading through service to others.

American Association of Petroleum Geologist (A.A.P.G.)

Student membership is open to students majoring in geology or in a field of study related to or generally associated with geology.

Assocation of Computer Machinery- Women (AMC-W)

ACM-W supports, advocates for the full engagement of women in all aspects of the computing field, providing a wide range of programs and services to ACM members and working in the larger community to advance the contributions of technical women

Bearcat Birding Club (Bearcat Birders)

A group of people who want to learn bird identification, bird songs/calls, and why birds are so important to our world!

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