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Accounting Society

An organization where Accounting and Finance majors alike can improve their networking skills for making connections in the future.

American Association of Petroleum Geologist (A.A.P.G.)

Student membership is open to students majoring in geology or in a field of study related to or generally associated with geology.

Behavioral Sciences Association (BSA)

The purpose of the Behavioral Sciences Association is to inform students about the behavioral sciences while simultaneously providing activities that are engaging and enjoyable.

Block & Bridle

The purpose of this organization is to promote animal agriculture and give animal science majors opportunities to grow within the animal science and agriculture industry. This organization also brings animal science majors together to better themselves.

Council for Exceptional Children (CEC)

We are a community of individuals committed to improving the education and quality of life for individuals with disabilities by spreading awareness throughout the Northwest community.

Criminal Justice Club (CJ Club)

The Criminal Justice Club exists as a means by which students and faculty interested in the area of Criminal Justice may meet to discuss and further their goals and objectives in the field.

Data Science Club (DSC)

The club is for students who are interested in the new, emerging field of data science. We introduce the concept of big data and big data thinking in decision-making to prepare next-generation leaders.

Digital Electronic Media (Digem)

Digem is an organization that brings representatives from the industry to campus to network with students. Many of these internships and job opportunities are tailored to those interested in Computer Science, Graphic Design, and Mass Media.

Emergency and Disaster Management Club (EDM)

A group of students dedicated to preparation for and mitigation of emergencies and disaster situations. Providing opportunities for students to learn and use skills related to these areas.

Financial Management Association (FMA)

Providing students with knowledge about finance and providing connections through people with finance

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