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Cadet Alumni Association

Cadet Alumni Association is to serve the interests of current, former and prospective cadets to experience and understand the value of the ROTC program.

Camp K-9

The purpose of this club or organization is to connect and educate northwest students, faculty, staff, as well as the community by interacting and training with dogs of all variations as well as fundraising for the local shelter.

Campus Recreation (Campus Rec)

Campus Recreation: Provides Intramural Sports, Sport Clubs, Open Recreation, and Informal Recreation to all students, faculty and staff at Northwest Missouri State University. Campus Recreation is currently housed in the Student Recreation Center.

Cardinal Key

Cardinal Key National Honor Society shall be an organization for students of at least junior status at Northwest Missouri State University, who are leaders the college community, and who are deemed potential leaders in their future lives.

Cards Against Humanity Society (CAHS)

We are a society that enjoys playing Cards Against Humanity. Our of our main goals is to help students form bonds with many different people. Unity is one of our key principles is unity; like Patrick Henry once stated, "United we stand divided we fall."

Christian Campus House (CCH)

A group of people looking to make a difference as followers of Jesus.

Clay Club

A Ceramic arts club that provides art students with opportunities and support to develop their work, create exposure, and to give back to the community.

College Republicans at Northwest Missouri State University

To make known and promote the principles of the Republican Party among the students of Northwest Missouri State University and the community.

Comedy Inc.

Want to make people laugh? Then come over to the Studio Lobby of the Ron Houston Performing Arts Center every Wednesday at 5:00, where we will perform improv games, comedy sketches, stand-up, and whatever else we can get a laugh out of!

Comic Book Club

A group devoted to the trade, discussion, and enjoyment of comic book and graphic novels and the friendships, movies, culture, and ideas that come from it.

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