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Inter-Fraternity Council (IFC)

This is the Governing Council for the Fraternities at NWMSU. It is composed of 3 delegates from each chapter, along with an executive board chosen to enforce the bylaws and consitution

Kind Individuals Dedicated to Students (K.I.D.S)

KIDS is an organization where we pair a college student with a 1st-4th grader from the Maryville community. Every month, you and your buddy get to attend a party where you do a craft, eat a snack, and play a game. We are now offering diversity hours!

Northwest Homecoming

Homecoming at Northwest Missouri State University is a week-long celebration each October featuring athletic events, entertainment and plenty of opportunities for everyone to show their Bearcat spirit.

Residence Hall Association (RHA)

RHA’s purpose is to provide a voice for all on-campus residents, and to represent the residents to Residential Life and other administrators at Northwest Missouri State University.

Student Activities Council (SAC)

The purpose of Student Activities Council is to plan and administer activities for the student body, in order to contribute to a more well-rounded social, recreational, and cultural life for the Northwest campus and community.