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Indian Student Association (ISA)

This association works towards fulfilling the needs of Indian Students at North West Missouri State University. We conduct different events and programs to promote Indian Culture and make students feel at home atmosphere.

Inter-Fraternity Council (IFC)

This is the Governing Council for the Fraternities at NWMSU. It is composed of 3 delegates from each chapter, along with an executive board chosen to enforce the bylaws and consitution

International Involvement Center (IIC)

The IIC is responsible for recruitment and support of International students at Northwest Missouri State University.

International Student Organization (ISO)

We are a group of international students wanting to spread awareness about the growing international student population in our student body at Northwest Missouri State University.

Investment Club at Northwest Missouri State University (The Investment Club)

As an organization our goal is to further everyone's investment knowledge through Speaker events at our monthly meetings, investment news updates, and the use of a stock simulator.