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MA Beta Club

A Missouri Academy exclusive club, MA Beta Club is the Missouri Academy chapter of the National Beta Club. Our mission is to promote the ideals of academic achievement, character, service and leadership among elementary and secondary school students.

MA Community Service Club (CSC)

A Missouri Academy exclusive club that has the sole purpose of serving the community and providing students of the Missouri Academy with volunteer activities.

MA Competitive Math Club (MA-CMC)

Missouri Academy exclusive club. Devoted to representing and providing for student interest in mathematics as well as expanding on that interest and developing and fostering skills and abilities to work cooperatively in a team.

MA Discovering International Societies and Cultures Organization (DISCO)

DISCO is a culture club whose purpose is to spread cultural awareness throughout the Missouri Academy. This is a MASMC exclusive club.

MA Envirothon

Envirothon is a Missouri Academy exclusive club. The Envirothon is a problem-solving, natural resource education program for high school students. This is a competition where students will answer written question, and present solutions to current issue.

MA FIRST Robotics

This is the FIRST FRC Robotics Team. We teach, design, build and compete robots with other teams. This is a Missouri Academy exclusive club.

MA Future Business Leaders of America Club (FBLA)

This club is for students who are interested in Finance, Business, Economics or Leadership. FBLA in Missouri Academy hold events like Mr. Academy, Fashion Show, and Valentine's Day and take part in State FBLA conferences and competitions.

MA Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA)

A Missouri Academy exclusive club where students interested in the health field learn about different occupations in the health field.

MA Model United Nations (MAMUN)

Missouri Academy exclusive club. Dedicated to educating students with the policies and procedures of United Nations and world affairs, increasing global awareness and knowledge of foreign countries, through preparation and participation in conferences.

MA Newspaper Club (Yellow Walls Journal)

Student Newspaper for Missouri Academy. Created and organized by Missouri Academy students.

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