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106.7 KZLX

KZLX-LP Maryville is an award-winning noncommercial radio station operated by students of Northwest Missouri State University. KZLX provides creative programming and service by maintaining a local focus for sharing music, arts, culture, and news.

KNWT Student Television (KNWT Channel 8)

KNWT provides student-produced original programming to the campus and community surrounding Northwest Missouri State University.

Northwest Film Club (NFC)

Students can create short films from scratch. They can choose to be apart of the process from beginning to end or they can select which job they would like. They have the freedom to learn whatever position they like.

Northwest Missourian

The Northwest Missourian is an independent learning environment providing the best source of information for the community we serve.

Tower Yearbook

A student organization that comes together to create the 336-page Tower Yearbook.