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African Student Organization (ASO)

To bridge the gap between African and non-African Bearcats together to bring the African culture and awareness to Northwest Missouri State University. To help international students feel home while away at home. Help African Americans learn their origin.

ALIANZA (Latino Diversity and Allies)

ALIANZA: Diversidad Latina y Aliados (Latino Diversity and Allies) invites all to mutually enrich our diverse heritage and Spanish/English languages through coalitions for psychological, academic, professional success while developing empathetic leaders.

Alliance of Black Collegians (A.B.C.)

Our mission is to help lead and serve the black collegian community by helping them take life and cultural experiences and integrating them within the college community. Also, to assist them in attempting to diversify themselves within the college.

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. (DST)

Uncompromising commitment to communities: Service, Leadership, Empowerment

First Lady Organization (F.L.O)

"Leading the way through academic excellence and creativity."

Helping Everyone Regardless of Orientation (H.E.R.O.)

H.E.R.O. is Northwest Missouri State University’s Queer and Ally Coalition. Our community provides a safe place for members to share their views and identities. Our focus is on Acceptance, Community, Education and Activism.

Indian Student Association (ISA)

This association works towards fulfilling the needs of Indian Students at North West Missouri State University. We conduct different events and programs to promote Indian Culture and make students feel at home atmosphere.

International Student Organization (ISO)

We are a group of international students wanting to spread awareness about the growing international student population in our student body at Northwest Missouri State University.

Korean Student Association (KSA)

To help Korean students in Northwest community to better adjust to the American culture and school life.

Minorities in Stem (M-Stem)

Minorities in STEM was founded in spring 2016, with the goal of supporting all minorities who are pursuing careers within the STEM related fields. As an organization we take pride in community service, academic success, and leadership.

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