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Random Acts of Kindness Club - Northwest Missouri State University (RAK Club)

The Random Acts of Kindness Club is dedicated to spreading kindness across the community. Its purpose is to build self-esteem and raise school moral by showing every person at our university that he or she can make a difference and is appreciated.

Readying Engaged Children who Exemplify Success, Scholarship, Service (R.E.C.E.S.S.S)

Preparing children to live and grow in a Diverse world, One step at a time

Residence Hall Association (RHA)

RHA’s purpose is to provide a voice for all on-campus residents, and to represent the residents to Residential Life and other administrators at Northwest Missouri State University.


Ripped-Bearcats is an organization with three main objectives: 1. To promote a healthy and fit lifestyle, 2. To educate the community about nutrition, exercise, and overall healthy habits, and 3. To help anyone reach their health and fitness goals.

Roberta House Council (Berta Board)

Hall Council for Roberta Hall

Russian Studies Club

Russian Studies Club explores the Russian language and culture through the use of movies, music, soviet cartoons, and other interesting means.