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Dieterich Hall Council (DHC)

Dieterich Hall Council is a student run organization that organizes building wide events and looks to make hall improvements for the betterment of the Dieterich community.

Franken Hall Council

Franken Hall Council is a group of engaged and compassionate students working together to improve Franken Hall and provide fun events for residents in the building.

Hudson Perrin Hall Council (HP Hall Council)

Council of residents living in the Hudson Perrin Complex to improve their halls and organize events within the building.

Millikan Hall Council (MOB)

Millikan's hall council

Neighborhood Action Board (NAB)

This is the Forest Village Apartment hall council. It's primary function is to serve the residents of FVA in programmatic efforts and hall improvement initiatives.

Residence Hall Association (RHA)

RHA’s purpose is to provide a voice for all on-campus residents, and to represent the residents to Residential Life and other administrators at Northwest Missouri State University.

Roberta House Council (Berta Board)

Hall Council for Roberta Hall

South Complex Hall Council (Hall Council)

South Hall Council is a group of residents who want to put on events and programs for the rest of South Complex.