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Bearcat Golf Club (N/A)

We are students from NWMS that practice golf daily, taking the top players and competing in competitions and tournaments representing our college. Players not able to make the tournament roster will still practice to one day make the roster.

Cricket Sports Club (CSC)

Cricket Sports Club is student's organization to promote good sportsmanship, skills development and athletic competition.

Nodaway County Rugby Football Club (NRFC)

To educate the student body on rugby and provide a platform for students to express interest in playing or following the sport. This organization is to work closely with the local rugby club to ensure proper education on rules and regulations.

Northwest Badminton Club (NBC)

This organization is going to be the hub for all the badminton lovers. We organize tournaments and friendly matches. The talents across the world are recognized, awarded accordingly. This would be a great opportunity for all the bearcats. GO BEARCATS !!!

Northwest Bearcat Bowling

We are a non-competitive and competitive club. We have a team that is registered with the USBC that hosts and travels to tournaments. Our non-competitive bowlers meet once a week to bowl, have fun, and learn more about the sport of bowling.

Northwest Club Baseball

This organization is to provide baseball players who enjoy the game an opportunity to continue playing after High School with more competition than the intramural level of sports.

Northwest Missouri Soccer Club (SC/Soccer Club)

We are a team of diverse students with one very important thing in common. We love soccer! Both men and women, undergraduates and grad students, American and International, we love to play, we live to compete.

Northwest Missouri State Officials Association (NWMSOA)

Northwest Missouri State Officials Association is to provide additional officiating opportunities at and outside Northwest. It can strengthen professional skills away from the department of Campus Recreation at Northwest and build a brand of officials.

Northwest Missouri State University Wrestling Club (Wrestling Club)

The purpose of the NWMSU Wrestling club shall be: to develop the amateur wrestling skills of Northwest students, to provide the opportunity for intercollegiate competition in the NCWA, and to promote the sport of wrestling at NWMSU.

Northwest Volleyball Club

The volleyball club is about providing that experience in college of being in the competitive atmosphere of the volleyball world while still having fun. It gives others an opportunity to enjoy the sport while having fun.